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First Energy Stadium

Modernization Project

A Message from Jimmy Haslam

“We have consistently communicated that two of the primary areas of focus for us are creating a winning team and creating the best fan experience in the NFL.”

- Jimmy Haslam, owner, Cleveland Browns

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has unveiled a two-phased modernization for FirstEnergy Stadium. Haslam has consistently communicated that winning games and creating the best fan experience in the NFL are paramount for Browns fans. The modernization project will help accomplish those goals and create the ability for FirstEnergy Stadium to attract other major sporting and entertainment events. The two-phase FirstEnergy Stadium modernization is a project that Jimmy Haslam and the Cleveland Browns are excited to see come to fruition. Browns fans deserve the best experience in the NFL and with the ability to attract other major sporting and entertainment events, a modernized FirstEnergy Stadium will also create new opportunities for the City of Cleveland to shine.

2014 Stadium Updates

“We have engaged our fans, asked for their thoughts, and responded to their ideas and concerns. This modernization plan is a result of our desire to invest in creating the best environment for them and our players.”

- Jimmy Haslam, owner, Cleveland Browns

During the first year of the modernization, the Browns will install two new video boards nearly triple the size of the boards currently in each end zone, moving them closer to the fans. Throughout the stadium, the plan also calls for LED video boards, which will feature stats, scores and information, and installation of an entirely new audio system, delivering crisper, clearer audio everywhere in the facility.

In 2014, the project will also increase the lower bowl's seating capacity while improving sightlines. Many Browns fans will be closer to the field and observe dramatically better views of the game, fostering a more intimate environment while enhancing the team's home-field advantage.

West Interior | drag left & right to reveal
East Interior | drag left & right to reveal

2015 Stadium Updates

In 2015, the Browns would create new dramatic graphics throughout the stadium, honoring current and former Browns. They would also improve general-admission concession areas, with revamped and unique offerings, modernize and expand premium areas, and create new hospitality and fan-engagement opportunities (through technology and otherwise).

Southwest Exterior | drag left & right to reveal
Southeast Exterior | drag left & right to reveal

Frequently Asked Questions

How did this project come about?
We are constantly talking to our fans, listening to our fans and striving to create the best fan experience in sports. We have told our fans our two primary areas of focus are winning as many games as possible and improving the fan experience. The stadium is 15 years old and needs to be modernized and repaired in certain areas. We know that and wanted to invest in the improvements.
Tell us about the new videoboards?
State of the art, tremendous viewing experience for our fans. They will be almost triple the size of our current boards and move down to create a more dynamic and more integral part of the stadium.
What should fans be excited about?
So many different elements will positively impact our fans' game-day experience. From the state-of-the-art scoreboards, to a new audio system, improved digital connectivity, additional seats in the lower bowl, and easier stadium access with new escalators, many different areas would be modernized.
Will you have wifi in the stadium?
Improving digital connectivity with our fans is very important. There will be an emphasis on that throughout this entire modernization.
What if my seats are displaced by the scoreboard or moving of seats?
To create bold positive changes like these, there has to be some modification to the structure of the stadium. Relatively speaking, the number of season-ticket members it impacts, while clearly important to us, is small. It is our priority, once we know the specifics of the project, to work with fans to find the most appropriate and acceptable seats.
How do I buy season tickets?
Call 440-824-3434 to speak with a Cleveland Browns Season Ticket Membership representative.

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